Ooops sorry, but I’ll be showing some skin on today’s post! Hehe *peace* I know you have noticed that I’m into black pieces lately and I can’t help it but to wear more! Haha! Im a fan of neutral colors since before, but my love for black now is more like an obsession already! Hahaha =) Today’s … More Distressed

Black Widow

Andddddddd I have to squeeze in a blog post right now because I’m leaving in a while to play bowling with awesome friends sooo I’ll keep it short. Owkay? Hahaha! I have a feeling that if I didn’t post it now it will take me another week to do it. Em sorry! ☺ Today’s look is simple … More Black Widow


And so I’m back! Its been 6 months I guess since my last blog post. And now I am very very excited to share to all of you my new blog look (just bragging! Haha). Honestly, I missed blogging, I missed taking outfit shots anywhere I want to and uploading so much pictures on my … More PLAY WITH PASTEL